How Do I Stop Feeling Inferior?

How is it that I stop feeling that I’m not good enough? How to stop feeling inferior or inferiority complex? Do you feel like a loser? How to feel confident and not get intimidated by others?

We’ll answer these in this blog.

Everyone of us feels inferior at some point of time, we constantly live with this complex fear. We are constantly told in so many ways that we’re inadequate, that we will never make it, we are not what the world needs and that’s the story we keep telling ourselves.

How many of us feel the same when we get something challenging, most probably this will be your first thought that comes, that we’re not the right spot, this is not us who can make this, this is not something that I’m equipped to do. We constantly keep telling ourselves that! We will work on a constant question in this blog, the question that “How do I stop feeling inferior” and it’s fascinating how this manifests itself in so many ways.

For example, you’re someone who was perhaps raised in a middle class upbringing and you visited a really expensive restaurant and obviously it’s your first time there, you’ll feel you don’t belong there, you’ll feel it’s not a place for you and you’ll feel inferior for obvious reason, you’ll say you don’t know what are the moves there, how you actually dine in here, how the rich people dine? You don’t know the dining table manner to comply with. You don’t know how to call the waiter. Nervous whether you can speak Hindi with them.

You even don’t have a single clue of how to pronounce the name of some dishes there in the menu.

Everything so small triggers those inferiority complexes within us.

It’s crazy how these little things become so big.

I remember when I joined my college, I was sitting with a class of all the toppers out there. I used to think, shit! they’ve done so much in life so early, do I even belong here? They came from fantastic schools, I remember having roll number next to the state topper. Well that was depressing. I used to think, Am I good enough? Will I make it? Like this is a competition. All these things happen when it’s your first day at work, college or an expensive restaurant or speaking to a rich friend.

All these small things make us so vulnerable and so naked in front of our inferiority.

And the big question is “How do I deal with that?”

The simple answer to this is: You're Good Enough, You're Enough! Whosoever you're, whatever you are, whatever you've done, no matter what you feel, YOU ARE ENOUGH! Because you are who you are, you should be who you are and not be pressured by what the world thinks you are!

Let’s delve into why that happens?

The simple reason is how we consume situations. Let’s say you’re scrolling instagram, you encounter let’s say a “fashion influencer”. What is it that they’re making you feel? What is the emotion they’re leaving you with?

Not the fact that you’re beautiful, Not the fact that you’re good enough. Not even that you’ve a lovely skin, But the fact that you’re f*kd up! that you’re not looking good, you’re not buffed up, you need this and this to BECOME WHO YOU SHOULD BECOME.

Everything around us tell that we are living an inadequate life. Everything is telling us constantly that we don’t have something in life which we ought to.

Most of the world’s economy, runs on telling people, that you don’t have enough. You’re not enough. You have so much to gain to look cool. You need that phone to look cool. You need that job to come across this profession and you need that money to be successful, you need that house, you need that shit that we’re selling you to complete yourself right now.

Question everything that tells that you’re not good enough. Because it is psychologically getting added in your mind and you’re getting brain washed.

Active choices made by us on daily basis. It is said if you do something everyday you get good at it. It’s true. You practice everyday you get good at it. It comes in your second nature, you don’t even feel its work.

And that’s true for every-time you tell yourself, I’m not good enough. Every-time you take a decision that you’re not good enough. Whenever you feel that I’m NOT better than rest and the rest are so much better than me.

You have got yourself habituated, you have got yourself convinced that this is your reality!

I am enough, I am enough for my peace, for happiness, for my calm, for my satisfaction. I don’t need to more, I just need to become a better version continuously of myself. But I don’t need to become someone else!


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